Monday, June 23, 2008

Jay and Angie June 21st

Jay and Angie were married at the Gardens on MSU's campus. We had a little threat of rain but everyone kept a positive attitude and it pushed the rain right over us in time for the ceremony. What a perfect spot to have a wedding and apparently it is very popular because they were one of four couples getting married that day in the gardens.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your Canadian/American wedding day. Your families were a delight to work with and I got to see a whole new part of Michigan that I haven't seen before. MSU really does have a beautiful campus. Interestingly enough we were third in line to take pictures at the statue of "Sparty", it was almost as popular as the blue bridge here in Grand Rapids.


Spark Creative Photography said...

Great photos! What a cute couple! And they have a sense of humor! I've never seen handcuffs and wedding photography together before! :)

4mlk said...

Hey Kell-
Was the cake as good as it looks?
Looks like you had a fun day!