Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tim and Lisa December 19th

What an amazing day Friday, December 19th turned out to be. The weather was INSANE and I think that Mother Nature was trying to make everyone stay home. Regardless I made it out of my neighborhood (barely) and was able to photograph the winter wonderland that was Tim and Lisa's wedding.

The ceremony was held in Grand Rapids at Lisa's home church and the reception was held at the wonderful Frederick Meijer Gardens. The weather took a turn for the better and they had a wonderful day filled with family and friends. The bride even let me hang her dress out of a snow covered tree to just the perfect picture.

In all everything turned out great despite the snow and I just loved all the natural light and fresh white snow I was able to get the wedding party out into for a few pictures.

Shelly of Shelly's Designs Floral did the fabulous flowers and I just love the feather details. It fit perfect with the day and was just the right splash of color to turn Lisa into a snow princess.

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