Monday, October 13, 2008

Dima and Sarah Oct. 4th

What an amazing day.

Dima and Sarah's wedding in downtown Chicago was just perfect. The ceremony was held at the MidAmerica Club on the 80th floor over looking all of Chicago. It was had a spectacular view. We traveled around downtown in a limo taking pictures here and there and the weather was just GREAT.

Dima and Sarah are an wonderful couple with such a bright future. It was a pleasure to be involved in their day and I cannot wait to go back to Chicago again.

Chicago is an amazing town. I was so happy to photograph in the city and out by the point over looking the city. I love Grand Rapids but Chicago is so big and there are a ton of places to go and take wedding pictures.

Sarah's father Herb is an amazing man. He was wonderful with his girls the entire day and the perfect dad.

I think Dima was trying to give the banquet manager a heart attack messing with the cake but what a fun moment.

Dima may be a Neurosurgeon but he sure can dance.

The band had some wonderful ideas to get everyone out on the dance floor. How fun to watch? I was laughing so hard by the end of this event.

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