Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jon and Maryann May 1st

What an amazing day and amazing couple. Jon and Maryann were married Friday, May 1st in Jenison. The weather was perfect and we were able to travel downtown just us and take some GORGEOUS pictures. I am so in love with the downtown stuff that we did and they were both more than willing to humor my weird requests. To all of you that see her sitting in a yucky doorway do not panic she is on my coat.

The ceremony was intimate and beautiful and the reception was filled with fun trivia answered by their guests. They had a couple of artist come in and do fun character portraits of their guest and we even were involved in the fun.

It was a great start to the constant wedding season of 2009. I am so looking forward to a lot more events like theirs.

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Christina said...

I absolutely love that dress on her. It suits her perfectly!