Thursday, July 2, 2009

Curt and Chelsea June 14th

Curt and Chelsea were married on the perfect Sunday afternoon of June 14th. The ceremony was held in Hager Park located in Jenison and the reception then followed at St. Cecelia's Musical Center. Chelsea is a fellow photographer and I always am amazed when someone that enjoys taking pictures chooses me to photograph one of the most special days of their life. This is the third photographer that I have had the pleasure of photographing on their wedding day and I am so thankful.

Curt and Chelsea were more than willing to do anything I asked of them including sitting in a field of flowers and going to the new studio downtown in all its grungy dust. I had so much fun as you can see through their pictures. I took over 3000 pictures and I could have taken more if I had more time.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day. Good luck on your move. I hope that you settle into your new lives and find wonderful friends down south.

I love my new studio. It is so cool to take picture in the natural light by an old window.

Curt and Chelsea hardly had to be told to kiss. I could have taken about 1000 pictures just like these.


Chelsea said...

I am so in love with them and i cant wait to get them all. we are so glad we went with you. It was a pleasure to have you photograph us.

Chelsea said...

They are all wonderful and we are both very happy with your work and how you made us feel day of. You were wonderful to work with and made things fun. Thank you so much. I cant wait to see all the photos.