Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nick and Lisa June 13th

What a blessing the wedding day celebration was for Nick and Lisa. Nick just recently got back from serving our country in Iraq. During his time away he missed the birth of his son but he has spent lots of time making it up. He is just the most affectionate and amazing dad.

The wedding took place on Saturday, June 13th in Saugatuch. The weather was great and the location was picture perfect. Nick and Lisa were married a year ago in a small private ceremony before Nick left for Iraq. This was there way of celebrating with their family and friends and being thankful that Nick and his group of friends returned to their family safely.

I am always amazed at people that sacrifice so much of their time and energy to keep us safe. Congratulation to you both. I wish you many years of happiness and lots of time together to make up for the time you were apart.

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