Monday, July 21, 2008

Dan and Kristina July 19th

Dan and Kristina were married Saturday evening in Kalamazoo and their reception was held at the beautiful Brooke's Lodge in Augusta. Have you ever heard of the saying that if it rains on your wedding day it is good luck. Well Dan and Kristina should have good luck for at least the next 50 years. Despite the foul weather and the mosquitoes we braved the elements and got a few outdoor pictures. I was pleased to be there for their special day and loved all the beautiful flowers and details that were put into making their day so unique.

Kristina is a teacher and she was so kind to incorporate her students into her ceremony. She had 16 kids helping with programs, holding doors open, signing the guest book and passing out flower petals. They were all so cute and well behaved. I was very impressed. They had this little reception just for the kids at the church with a chocolate fountain and fun little cakes. It was just adorable.

I love, love, love her dress. Their initials were in beading at the edge of her train.

The flowers were so beautiful and colorful. It was like a sea of flowers in the set up room early in the day. I could have spent an hour in there just smelling the roses.

It is always so much fun to be in the bridal room while the girls are getting ready. The air is just electric with excitment and energy. Kristina was just smiling ear to ear the entire time she was getting into her wedding day clothes. It always gives me the warm fuzzy to witness this time of the day.

I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing time on your honeymoon. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

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