Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some girls just ROCK!

I have had the most amazing day and it is mostly in part to my late afternoon session with Brandy. Brandy is one of my beautiful brides from last fall that is just a joy to be around. I asked her last year at her wedding if she would be interested in doing something like this and she was more than willing to "Trash her Dress".

We went to one of my local parks and just followed the stream. Brandy was more than willing to roll in the dirt, lay in the water and climb trees for just the right shot. I took over 500 pictures in just under 2 hours. WOW! I already have over 140 pictures pulled to work with and I just wanted to show you a few for now.

Thank you so much Brandy. I am so grateful for wonderful clients just like you.

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