Sunday, August 10, 2008

AJ and Caitlin 08-08-08

Aj and Caitlin were married Friday afternoon in Greenville at AJ's home church. They then went on to the Frederick Meijer Gardens for a wonderful reception. Their day was full with a vintage celtic theme that reminded me of days gone by. Caitlin was just a image in her simply beaded wedding gown and beaded cathedral veil. Everything had small personal touches added and everywhere you turned there was another piece of family history and special details. It was a beautiful event and the bride and groom were just perfect to work with.

I am a shoe girl at heart and I just couldn't stop photographing these shoes. Caitlin's mom found them in England and they just matched her perfectly. Her baby bonnet is wrapped around the stems of her bouquet. I have to say that Karen, Caitlin's mom thought of everything.

Have you ever heard of the expression "tying the knot? Well this is where is came from. They performed a "hand fasting ceremony" during their ceremony. The minister tied 6 cords around there hands and bound them for life. It was truly a wonderful addition to the ceremony and I love to see old traditions being brought back to current times.

This images just takes my breath away. Caitlin is truly a classic beauty and I just love the romantic feel of this image.

The wedding party spent most of the wedding week practicing this number for the big day. I have to say I have never seen a better "Thriller" performed in person before. AJ even had the classic one gloved hand.

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Amber VanDenBerg said...

Nice Work! Love the pictures.
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