Monday, August 18, 2008

Mitch and Christine August 15th

Mitch and Christine were married Friday afternoon at Mitch's family church in Eastmanville. Everything was just perfect and the church was filled with smiles, laughter and tears for joy. Mitch's family was just so kind and fun to be around.

The flowers were perfect and vibrant with color. The weather was great and usual for this wedding season and we spent a bit of time downtown for a few outdoor pictures. Their reception was held at St. Cecelia's on Fulton and I just loved everything about it. The food was great, the lighting was perfect and the toasts given by the attendants were heart felt. In all it was a perfect day.

Mitch and Christine seeing each other for the first time. Mitch was so cute. I think he was just so amazed at the way she looked he could move his feet.

They used such a beautiful church in Eastmanville. It was perfect for traditional images and the light was amazing.

We have a new fun toy to play with at weddings in this new lens. We were in the back part of the church taking these images and I am so excited to be able to get this close without being noticed.

I love these pictures. They both look so happy.

Shelly Johnson with Shelly's designs did the flower and I just love her work. It is always just perfect for who it's made for.

Their wedding party on the stairs at St. Cecelia's. There is always time for at least one more picture of everyone together.

Mitch I know you hate to dance but you look so cute in this picture.

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your time away and get some much need rest.

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