Monday, August 11, 2008

Roy and Jen August 9th

Roy and Jen were married Saturday afternoon in downtown Grand Rapids. It was a wonderful event to attend and photograph. I got to know Roy during their engagement shoot but I have known Jen for years. I am so happy for you both and was truly excited about photographing your event.

We spent a lot of time downtown as you can see in their pictures and I took so many pictures that it is going to take me forever to get through them all. Especially since they are both so beautiful. Thank so much for changing your date so I could be there for you. I love the picture and I hope you will too.

This is little Sammy. Roy and Jen's two year old little boy. He is soooo cute and was just so tired when we were taking pictures. I didn't realize it until I looked at the pictures but look at the death grip he has on his mom's skirt. How cute!

Jen and Sammy right before the ceremony. He just wanted to be cuddled and didn't care if they were dressed up or not.

This is Jen right when she got up to the alter. She just look so happy and excited and I love moments like this.

Roy and Jen you are so easy to take pictures of. I knew after your engagement session that the wedding pictures would be even better. You both look gorgeous.

This is by far one of my favorite pictures in recent memory. Jen just looks like she belongs on the cover of a bridal magazine.

What a wondeful family. Enjoy each other and get some much needed rest.

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Bobbi said...

Jen you are so beautiful! Roy you are a handsome man too.:) The pictures are gorgeous! I got choked up looking at them. I am so sorry I couldn't make it back to Michigan for the wonderful event. Enjoy your new lives together. Jen, you have a beautiful looking family. Congratulations!
I love you girl, miss you lots.