Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jeremy and Libby Sept. 6th

Jeremy and Libby were married Saturday afternoon in Holland. Their reception was held on the lakeshore at Boatworks Restaurant and everything turned out just perfect.

The ceremony was emotion filled and loving. The beach pictures were fun and energetic and the reception was full of heart felt toasts and family memories.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of their day. I loved every part of it as you can see in the number of pictures I am posting. Enjoy and have a wonderful honeymoon.

Libby chose the most unique flowers. I really enjoyed the texture and color. I however was rather absent minded about the thistle in her bouquet and I think I poked myself at least 10 different times throughout the day.

Everyone in the getting ready room was so excited and loving. I even teared up.

I just loved the lobby of the church. It had these beautiful windows that produced romantic lighting.

Jeremy only said one word when he saw Libby for the first time "WOW".

This is such a beautiful church in Holland.

They both look beyond happy in these pictures. What a lovely couple.

Libby's favorite place in the world is the beach. So I think it fits that she looks this beautiful on the beach.

How fun is this?

I love this. I said Jeremy I need you to dip her so I can see her and Libby stretch her head back and smiled. How cute!

We had sooooooo much fun at the beach. What a great group of friends and family Jeremy and libby chose to be in their wedding party.

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