Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kevin and Bailey August 29th

Kevin and Bailey were married Friday afternoon at St. Judes in Grand Rapids and later celebrated at Boulder Creek in Cannonsburg for their reception.

We spent a little bit of time downtown with the wedding party and had a great time despite our time crunch. All the small details for their day were just perfect and Bailey was just a classic beauty. All the pictures are just beautiful I had a hard time picking out just a few.

The church had this beautiful prayer room and it was perfect for the dress pictures. It just turned out perfect.

My wonderful assistant Marjan caught this image just as Bailey and her dad started down the isle. Just perfect!

Bailey was so composed all afternoon. But when the doors opened for her to walk down the isle it was like a wave of emotion just ran through her. She was just so cute walking down the isle and her eyes never left Kevin.

It is so nice to have an affectionate couple. They were just wrapped into each other after the ceremony and it make for great pictures.

I hope your honeymoon in Mexico is dry and fun. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope the Gustav stays at bay.

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Bex said...

amazing images! clap clap!

hello from england :)


B x